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Other Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to mediation we offer other volunteer opportunities: assisting with fundraising, soliciting sponsors for the annual golf event, serving on a committee, preparing mailings, participating on panels, delivering posters, serving on the Board, and more.

Volunteers at our center come from a variety of backgrounds, including education, business, legal, social work, and a variety of others. They are all active in the community, and almost without exception, say that this is one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives.

Volunteer Mediators

With the aid of a grant from the State Supreme Court, the Community Dispute Resolution Program offers mediation, and other forms of dispute resolution, as alternatives to formal litigation. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) offers many advantages when compared to typical court process. For example, individuals are given the opportunity to actively participate in the resolution of disputes, relationships are often improved or maintained, costs are minimal, and the community benefits from peaceful resolution of individual problems. At the same time, the agreements that arise from mediation are as binding as a decree from the courts.

Our volunteer mediators mediate a wide variety of disputes. Neighborhood problems, parenting-time and custody issues, merchant-consumer complaints, civil-rights cases, restorative justice program in juvenile court, general civil and small claims matters, and any other type of dispute that you can imagine are resolved through this process.

Volunteer mediators must complete a 40-hour, court-approved training program and 10 hours of observation before they mediate cases. Additional advanced mediation is available for those interested. This specialized training allows mediators to work in Special Education, Balanced and Restorative Justice, Adult-Guardianship, and other specific areas.


For more information on becoming a volunteer, please fill out the form below or contact us at (231) 727-6001

What our volunteers say about mediating:


"I, personally, am passionate about peace and justice issues and being a mediator is a way to help people reach solutions in a way that provides dignity and respect to all parties.  It's a great way to contribute to making our community a more peaceful and caring place"

"I mediate because I believe that it is possible for all people to peacefully communicate. If everyone became better at communicating with respect, the whole community will be a better place. As a volunteer mediator, I do my part to help reach this end"


"As a volunteer opportunity, mediation offers me several advantages of many other programs I could choose to help my community: It is very flexible to fit into my schedule--I don't have to commit to specific times each week or month; I meet and mediate with wonderful people; It is challenging and keeps me learning ways to improve my skills; The staff prepare the mediations and help guide us mediators; The mediations vary a great deal, though I can choose the types that I like to do best; It's never boring"

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