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Civil Rights

The Center is a provider in the Michigan Department of Civil Rights (MDCR) mediation program. Facilitative mediation is provided for disputes referred by the MDCR and is offered as an option in the complain resolution program.


Michigan Department of Civil Rights



Mediation is available for customers and providers of goods and services who have expressed differences over issues including billing costs, payment arrangements, and the quality of service or merchandise.



Mediation is available when there is a dispute regarding an existing contract. In mediation the parties may discuss the terms of a contract, implementation of a contract, fees, or other issues identified by the clients in an existing contract.



Mediation services for parties initiating a divorce who wish to retain control over the decisions that must be made as a part of the divorce settlement. Settlement agreements frequently include issues of parenting, property disposition, support, and other issues. There is a fee for this service based on a sliding income scale.



These mediations provide a forum for employers and employees to discuss conflicts in the workplace that affect work performance and overall work environment. Mediations can be between the employer/employee, or between co-workers. Often mediation is able to improve communication and/or understanding in the workplace.



Mediation is available in most types of family disputes. When conflict has disrupted family relationships mediation can be an effective tool to discuss issues and situations.



When there is a dispute regarding a family caregiver or guardianship of a family member, mediation can help the parties explore options and alternatives. Issues such as guardianship, petitions, transitional planning, and care giving often are resolved through mediation.



Mediation sessions provide tenants and landlords the opportunity to resolve disputes over the payment of rent, noise complaints, parking difficulties, property condition and other issues that impact the quality of life of the tenant, landlord and neighborhood, or the value, use the property and investment of the landlord.



Mediation is available regardless of whether there is a Friend of the Court case. When parents disagree about issues regarding their child or children, mediation is an effective way of focusing on the best interests of the child or children. Mediators can assist parents with creating a set of parenting goals called a Parenting Statement that will help the parents focus on the future.


Personal Protection Order

Mediation is often used to avoid personal protection orders (PPO) or to resolve the conditions that necessitate a non-domestic PPO.


Probate (Estate)

These mediations assist the court and families in resolving questions, differences and other contested issues that surround an estate of a deceased person.


Special Education

This service provides parents and schools a way to work together to resolve special education issues. Mediation is encouraged as a way of resolving disagreements early in the dispute. The Center also is available to facilitate Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings.


Other School Related Issues

These mediations cover disputes over disciplinary actions, child behavior, truancy, teacher/parent relationships, and school policies and procedures. The Center encourages Restorative Justice solutions in our schools.



This is a voluntary program in which victims of a crime and offenders are provided with an opportunity to meet to find resolution and healing. This program is based upon the principles of Restorative Justice that emphasizes safety, restoration, and accountability. Cases may be referred by the justice system, schools, or victims.




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